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About Playlist

Playlist is the fastest growing social music network. On Playlist, influencers and their followers listen to music together and chat, follow one another, collaborate on playlists and express their music tastes. Playlist has a licensed catalog of 47M songs and 4M artists. Our users describe Playlist as Instagram for music.

About the Playlist Partner Program

As the hottest, new social platform, Playlist provides a rare opportunity for influencers to get in on the ground-floor and build your following, similar to the early days of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. We’re inviting select influencers to be paid to reach a new audience and engage your followers around music. We’ll help you build your brand and increase your earning potential by promoting your profile and playlists to the entire Playlist community. We will also verify your Playlist account upon signing up to the Partner Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the program?

Selected influencers with a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook account. Your eligibility is based on your follower count and engagement metrics across your social media presence.

How do I earn?

Playlist will pay you for the number of unique, new followers you bring to the Playlist app each month. You can earn up to $3,000 USD per month creating and sharing playlists.

How do I get started?

View and complete the Playlist Partner Agreement here. If you have additional questions, DM us on Instagram @theofficialplaylist or email us at

How to build your following on Playlist


Edit your profile

  • Add a profile pic, bio, links to other social media and your anthem.
  • Contact us to request a specific username to match your other socials.
  • Tip: keep your followers engaged by updating your anthem regularly.

Make playlists

  • Be creative by adding photos or gifs as cover art, a cool title and caption.
  • We’ll feature your best playlists to get you more followers. DM us.
  • Tip: you can make collaborative playlists so everyone can add songs. Private playlists too!

Share to socials

  • Notify your followers on other socials that you’re now on Playlist!
  • Share your playlists, anthems and favorite songs. Tap shares
  • People who download the Playlist app from your share shares will automatically follow you and land in your playlist... rock on!
  • Tip: announce a “Playlist listening party” on your other socials. DM us to promote it too.

Engage with followers

  • Listen daily so your followers receive a notification that you’re live on Playlist.
  • Chat to make it even more fun, like this Simmer video!
  • Tip: listen to your followers’ playlists and anthems so they get notified.

Get promoted

  • Playlist can verify your account upon growing your following.
  • We can even add you as a Suggested User to follow!
  • You’ll get notified when your Playlist is featured on the Community Feed.

Want more tips? The Playlist team is just a DM or email away.

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