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Made famous by Lady Gaga - Love Game
LMFAO - Get Crazy
LMFAO - Love Lockdown Remix
LMFAO - I Shake, I Move
Shwayze - Get You Home (Party Rock Remix - Feat. LMFAO)
Chuckie Vs LMFAO - Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch
LMFAO - La La La
David Guetta Chris Willis Feat. Fergie & Lmfao - Gettin Over You
3LAU - All Night Long (LMFAO, Ellie G, Mann, Darth & Vader)
Lil Jon - Get Outta Your Mind (Feat. LMFAO)
Dirt Nasty feat. LMFAO - I Can't Dance
LMFAO - Shotting Star
Kanye West ft LMFAO - Paranoid (Party Rock Remix)
4A - LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Main)
LMFAO - Sucks To Be You
Pitbull - Rubber On (Feat. LMFAO)
LMFAO - I Am Not A Whore
LMFAO - Scream My Name
LMFAO - Shots
LMFAO - Yes (Album Version (Edited))
LMFAO - Bounce
LMFAO - Yes (Album Version (Edited))
Kanye West and LMFAO - Kanye West - Paranoid Feat. LMFAO (Party Rock Remix)
LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers