three days grace,linkin park, and other fave metal ock bands

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Thirty Seconds To Mars - A Modern Myth (Without hidden track)
Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (Bird Is The Word
Evanescence - Lies
3-D Production - Riot (Re-Arrange)
Evanescence - Lithium
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions
Panic! At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Live In Chicago]
Linkin Park - Point of Authority
Good Charlotte - Gravity Girl
Linkin Park - Crawling
good charlotte - Hold
Linkin Park - Drag
A Foreigners Journey - Don't Stop Believing
Drowning Pool - Let The Bodies Hit The Floor
Queen Takyaayia - The System
Three Days Grace - Home (Radio Edit)
Buckcherry - Sorry (Album Version (Explicit))
Disturbed and Linkin Park - More Distubed
Maximum The Hormone - What's up, people?! ~TV Size~
Nirvana - Breed (Live At The Palace, Melbourne, 02.02.1992)
Sum 41 - Still Waiting
Sum 41 - The Bitter End
Good Charlotte - Secrets
Crossfade - Cold
Nirvana - In Bloom
Disturbed - Conflict
Buckethead - Jordan
Three Days Grace - One-X
Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day (Live In Seattle)
Linkin Park - With You
DJ Darius - Disturbed - Prayer
Three Days Grace - Take Me Under
Maximum The Hormone - What's up, people?!
Seether - Fake It
Linkin Park - A Place For My Head
Drowning Pool - Rise Up
Linkin Park - Hands Held High
Disturbed - Voices
The Day Of - Running Away
Coldplay - Fix You
South Park Mexican - Run Away (Remix)
The Kill - 30 Seconds to Mars
The Day Of - Running Away
Linkin Park - Linkin Park - Faint
Pearl Jam/Unknown Artist - Levan Polkka -Miku Hatsune Ver-
Thirty Seconds To Mars - R-evolve
Seether - Fine Again
Mindless Self Indulgence - What Do They Know?
Linkin Park - Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park
Three Days Grace - Just Like You
Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
Adema - Giving In
Three Days Grace - Take Me Under
Miranda Lambert - Gunpowder and Lead
Buckethead - Whitewash
Sum 41 - With Me
Three Days Grace - Scared
Three Days Grace - Now Or Never
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Attack
Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Drowning Pool - Tear Away
Nirvana - Smells Like Teens Spirit
Skillet - Whispers In The Dark
Sick Puppies - All The Same (Polar Opposite Version)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - Was It A Dream?
Three Star - Pain
Disturbed - Haunted
Papa Roach - Papa Roach - Forever
Disturbed - Land Of Confusion
Three Days Grace - Let You Down
The Takeover (2006-2007) - Structure
Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
Nirvana - Lake Of Fire
Busta Rhymes feat Linkin Park - We Made It
Nirvana - Lithium
Various Artists - Broken
Linkin Park - Lockjaw
Linkin Park - In The End (Live In Madrid)
Nirvana - Come As You Are
Linkin Park - Somewhere I Belong
Linkin Park - New Divide
Linkin Park - Don't Stay
Evanescence - Going Under
Evanescence - Haunted
Linkin Park - Figure.09
Good Charlotte - We Believe
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
Linkin Park - Burning In The Skies
Linkin Park - What I've Done (Live From New York, 2008)
Good Charlotte - The River (Apoptygma Berzerk Remix)
Three Days Grace - Break
Sum 41 - Pieces
Three Days Grace - Bitter Taste
Three Days Grace - Lost In You
Chevelle - Shameful Metaphors
Papa Roach - Last Resort
Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt
Skillet - Hero
Skillet - Monster (Unleash The Beast)
Linkin Park - Forgotten
Simple Plan - Welcome To My Life
Thirty Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Acoustic)
Slipknot - Snuff
Linkin Park - No More Sorrow
The Three O'Clock - On My Own
Nirvana - Polly (Smart Sessions)
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow
Nirvana - Something In The Way
Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Adam Lambert - Mad World (Live At Glam Nation)
Alice's - Alice of Human Sacrifice
Three Days Grace - The Good Life
Drowning Pool - Shame
Skillet - Awake And Alive
Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder (Live)
Greenday - 21 Guns
Tears For Fears - Mad World
Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon
Freddy - One Two Freddy's Coming For You
Joan Jett Tribute Band - I Love Rock And Roll
Various Artists - Get Off My Back
Linkin Park - Breaking the Habbit
Drowning Pool - All Over Me
Superchick - Stand In The Rain
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare
Ayane - Nageki no Mori
Drowning Pool - Enemy
Avenged Sevenfold - So Far Away
Drowning Pool - Sinner
Ludo - Love Me Dead
death note - l's theme
Good Charlotte - "Jealousy" Good Charlotte (Best Buy Bonus)
freddy krueger - elm street theme song
Linkin Park - From The Inside (Live)
Linkin Park - Lying From You
Linkin Park - Karaoke: One Step Closer (Acoustic Goth)
linkin park - wered you go
Linkin Park - Hit The Floor
Linkin Park - Session
Black Veil Brides - Sweet Blasphemy
black veil brides - the gunsling
Alter Bridge - Isolation
Linkin Park - Iridescent
Sum 41 - The Hell Song (Live Bonus Track)
Linkin Park - No Roads Left
Black Veil Brides - We Stitch These Wounds
30 Seconds To Mars - This Is War
Drowning Pool - Feel Like I Do
Eve Of Poison - Forsaken
Queen of the Damned - Slept So Long
Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God
Red - Already Over
Creature Feature - Such Horrible Things
Hollywood Undead - Hear Me Now
Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love
Avenged Sevenfold - Scream
Creature Feature - A Gorey Demise
Avenged Sevenfold - Dancing Dead
Sum 41 - I'm Not The One
Sum 41 - Blood In My Eyes
Hatsune Miku - Triple Baka
Sum 41 - Sick Of Everyone
Fireflight - Unbreakable
nicomimi - Nyan cat
The Piano Music of Roy Todd - Mad World
Kagamine Len - Pon Pon Pon
Linkin Park - Across the line
The Living Tombstone - Discord (The Living Tombstones Remix)
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