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Peace - Yoga
Mediæval Babes/The Mediæval Bæbes - Blow Northern Wind
Lord of the Rings - Into the West
Enya - Watermark
Corpse Bride OST - Victor Piano Solo
Mediaeval Baebes - Swete Sone
The Lord Of The Rings - Evenstar
Lionel Richie Piano Tribute - Endless Love
Various Artists - Summer Night (C.S.I.)
Bryan Adams - Sound The Bugle (Soundtrack Version)
Adiemus, Karl Jenkins - Adiemus
Buddhist Monks - Mantra
Mediaeval Baebes - Come My Sweet
Diana Ross - If We Hold On Together
R. Carlos Nakai - Star Chant
Mediaeval Baebes - Pearl
Karl Jenkins - Kayama
Enlightenment - Yoga
The Corpse Bride - The Piano Duet
Mediaeval Baebes - Return Of The Birds
R. Carlos Nakai - Earth Spirit
Lord Of The Rings - Return Of The King
Enya - Lothl
Karl Jenkins - In Caelum Fero
Steven Halpern - Inner Fire
Sounds Of Nature - Heavy Rain In A Thunderstorm
Andre Rieu - Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet (Nino Rota)
Corciolli - Relacionamentos Terra (Relationships Earth)