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Linkin Park - Karaoke: One Step Closer (Acoustic Goth)
Ashley Tisdale - Headstrong
Linkin Park - In The End
Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
3-D Production - Riot (Re-Arrange)
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend (Radio Edit)
Three Days Grace - Never Too Late
Linkin Park - In The End - Linkin Park
Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr The Mmrs
Linkin Park - Bleed It Out (Live)
Avril Lavigne - Karaoke: When You're Gone (Karaoke Minus Track)
Linkin Park - What I've Done (Live From New York, 2008)
blink-182 - I Miss You (James Guthrie Mix)
Puddle Of Mudd - Control
Three Days Grace - Scared
I Am X-Ray - Pretty Rave Girl
Owl City - Rainbow Veins
The All-American Rejects - Swing, Swing
Sum 41 - Pieces
Metro Station - Wish We Were Older
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Three Days Grace - Drown
Owl City - Super Honeymoon
Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care
Sum 41 - Karaoke: In Too Deep (Karaoke Minus Track)
The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
Lady GaGa - Paper Gangsta
Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town (Hi-Deaf Remix)
timebender23 - Fall out Boy- A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More "Touch Me"
Avril Lavigne - Hot
Various Artists - New Divide
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