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Chicano Rap - Gangster Show Love
chicano rap SPM - gangsters get lonely too
Art Laboe - Somebody Please
Art Laboe - SearchingForMyBaby
Art Laboe - Smile Now, Cry Later
Art Laboe - How Am I Gonna Tell My Mom and Dad That I'm In Love
Lil' Tweety - Set You Free
Lil' Tweety Ft. Mc Magic - Lil tweety, Mc MAgic-Somebody Like You
Lil Blacky - Homie Love
BrentonWood - IWantLove
Brenton Wood - Catch You On The Rebound
Mr. Doe - My # 1
Mr. Capone-E - Struggle
Big Lokote - Mi Reyna
Fireproof - My Lady With Rojay
Fingazz - Thin Line Between Love And Hate
Lil Cuete - Real Love (Feat. Fingazz & Angel Rodriguez)
Mary Wells - Two Lovers
Ms. Krazie - Back Into My Life (Feat. D. Salas)
Ms. Krazie - Baby Angels (Original Version)
Brown Boy - Superman
Mr. Criminal - I Remember